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Strong, unyielding chieftain of his village. Keturah discouraged his daughter, Linor, in aiding a stranger who had entered their village. Little did they realize that Ronon Dex was a Runner, prey whom the Wraith tracked for sport. Instead, Linor remained by his side well into the night until Ronon stabilized.

Lured by the tracking device in his back, the Wraith culled Keturah's village in addition to pursuing Ronon. He watched his daughter nourish a Wraith warrior until she was dead.

Years later, Colonel John Sheppard's unit visited Keturah's village. Ronon had not recognized the world from the Stargate -- only when it was too late. Keturah ordered the team captured and activated the transmitter the hive had left him in the event Dex returned. He was convinced the Wraith would congratulate him on his conquest, in addition to leaving his village free of culling for the rest of its days.

Ronon managed to lure a guard to the cage where he was being held and steal his knife. Aiming it at his own throat, he convinced Keturah to allow Colonel Sheppard and Teyla Emmagan to go free. If not, the Wraith would arrive disappointed. Keturah agreed, and the other two team members were allowed to leave.

By the time Sheppard and Emmagan returned to the planet for Dex, the village was decimated. Keturah and his people were dead, betrayed by the Wraith, and Ronon was taken.


PLAYED BY - Frank Collison


Sateda - Seeing Ronon as the prize which will grant his village permanent freedom from culling, Keturah activates the transmitter left for him -- not realizing he has sealed his people's fate for the worse.