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A world feared by the Goa'uld System Lords for its mysteries. The planet is a rich, deciduous land with one known structure on the world: an ancient, Buddhist-style temple. The planet is also named for the place many Jaffa believe their souls will reside in the afterlife.

Earth mythology describes the world as a refuge where Osiris once hid from Seth. Kheb was, for a time, home to the ascended Ancient Oma Desala and the infant Harcesis Shifu, who left the planet when the Goa'uld learned of their location.


HOME TO - Uninhabited
FIRST APPEARED - Maternal Instinct


Forever In a Day - SG-1 learns that Kheb is the location where Amonet has hidden away the Harcesis, the child of Apophis and Sha're.
Maternal Instinct - Determined to uncover the Harcesis and his secrets, SG-1 finds the mystical world of Kheb -- but with Apophis on their heels.
Babylon - The Sodan leader Haikon tells Cameron Mitchell that, after defecting from the Goa'uld Ishkur, their ancestors were searching for Kheb before they finally settled on P9G-844.