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Tok'ra operative, known to Sokar as "Keltar." Korra hid himself on a planet while hunted by the bounty hunter Aris Boch, placing taks around a perimeter while he recovered from wounds. He was eventually discovered by SG-1, who struck a deal with Boch to spare Korra's life: instead, Teal'c would return with Boch as Sokar's prize.

Boch had a change of heart and crashed his Tel'tak, escaping with Teal'c through escape pods to make Sokar believe the two had been destroyed. In this way, both Teal'c and Korra would be free.


PLAYED BY - Mark Holden
FIRST APPEARED - Deadman Switch


Deadman Switch - Korra's taks are neutralized by zat'ni'katels from SG-1, who want answers concerning Boch's bounty.