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A race of humans, technologically in line with that of the Langarans, and suffering from similar international strife. The race is made up of two factions, the Rand Protectorate and the Caledonian Federation. Both possess weapons of mass destruction. A smaller sub-faction, the people of Avidan, exist within the ranks of the Rand.

This faction was responsible for plunging both societies into chaos. The Avidans, lead by the religious fundamentalist Soren, took control of one of the Rand's weapon platforms and forced both sides into war. Only a fraction of the Rand and Caledonians survived following the conflict.

During the upheaval Soren planted his flag in the Rand control bunker. For several days he controlled the planet, until soldiers from Earth marched through the Stargate and gave aid to the remaining fragments of the Rand army. Soren was killed and the remainder of his forces likely captured.

Despite starting the catastrophe, Earth promised to help the civilization rebuild. But when the Ori sent emissaries to our galaxy, the Rand Protectorate sided with them -- taking advanced technology, including a high-powered satellite weapon to be used against the Caledonians -- in exchange for their loyalty.




Icon - SG-1 visits Leda's people and learn of the eerily familiar story of conflict between the Rand Protectorate and the Caledonian Federation.
Ethon - SG-1 learns that the Tegalans have gone Ori, and try to convince them to stand against the new enemy threatening worlds throughout the galaxy.