Rand Protectorate

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Nation which exists opposite the Caledonian Federation on the planet Tegalus. The two sides have been locked in a state of cold war for decades. Each nation has enough weapons to wipe the other out of existence.

Following the missile strike (stirred by the religious zealot Soren), the Rand Protectorate was almost completely annihilated. Groups of survivors managed to escape the blast zones and hide in the countrysides, miles from the cities.

Blue is the second highest level of military alert status for the Protectorate. The nation possesses four missile sites which can be launched against the Caledonians.

Following the Rand reclaiming the command bunker on their soil, Earth promised to be back to help rebuild the country.


Icon - SG-1 comes face-to-face with the people of the Rand Protectorate, soon learning of their international troubles -- and the fact that the team's arrival may have caused the last shoe to fall.
Ethon - Rand launches an assault on Caledonia with their new Ori satellite weapon. After a temporary cease fire, talks break down when Caledonia fires a volley. Both nations are believed to be destroyed.