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Planet found in the Pegasus Galaxy. This world is the only planet which, according to Lucius Lavin grows herbs which create his pheromone. Years after he began concocting the formula for himself, three Wraith hives decided to establish a base of operations on the planet, preventing him from accessing it.

When his potion supplies began to wear thin, Lucius made contact with the new inhabitants of Atlantis, and after he seduced them with his pheromones he convinces Carson Beckett to lead Teyla Emmagan and Ronon Dex to M6H-491 to collect bundles of the herb for his own personal use. The three were not injured in the attempt.


HOME TO - Wraith


Irresistible - With the approval of Dr. Weir, Lucius convinces Beckett, Teyla and Ronon to risk their lives for a new gathering of the herbs he uses to make his pheromones.