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A human from another planet, Martin Lloyd was a soldier who, with a group of others, deserted a war that was about to be lost to the Goa'uld. Learning that his people have been destroyed, Lloyd now lives a relatively normal life on Earth.

Under the control of prescription drugs laced with indeterminate chemicals, Martin Lloyd was forced to forget that he was an soldier from an alien world under siege by the Goa'uld. Martin was the only member of his group who believed they had a responsibility to return to their planet. Originally sent away to find allies, the others were afraid they would be killed as well. They hid out on Earth, and gave Martin drugs that caused him to forget his past life.

Suffering from severe paranoia, Martin became a conspiracy theorist. He felt he was being watched by the government, and kept a detailed diary of his daily activities. But some scant memories began to resurface, and SG-1 visited his home in Montana after he called in demanding a meeting with Jack O'Neill -- telling them that he knows about the Stargate.

Now aware he is an alien, he convinced O'Neill to follow him to the location of his buried ship. After forgetting the location time and again, Martin finally found it -- and the proof he needed. When O'Neill told him to stop taking his medication, Martin's memories gradually returned. He provided the S.G.C. with a gate address to his homeworld, and he and SG-1 went there. They found it annihilated by the Goa'uld, with no hint of any survivors.

Martin returned to Earth, and eventually started taking the drugs again voluntarily, to forget what he had seen. But as his latent memories began to resurface again, Martin created a cheesy science fiction television show based on the real Stargate program, and the real SG-1. The show was picked up with the name Wormhole X-Treme! and Martin was made a creative consultant.

O'Neill found him and tried to help Martin recover his memories once again. When he did remember, Martin told the team that the ship approaching Earth was coming to pick up his former comrades. The aliens left Earth, but Martin stayed behind to continue working with the producers of Wormhole X-Treme! The show was cancelled after only three episodes, but later returned to the airwaves for a successful, 10-year-run and a feature film.


PLAYED BY - Willie Garson
FIRST APPEARED - Point of No Return


Point of No Return - Martin Lloyd gets the S.G.C.'s attention with his knowledge of the Stargate, and learns that he is from another planet -- but has been drugged by others from his world to forget his identity.
Wormhole X-Treme! - Martin uses the same drug on himself to forget his destroyed world. But his latent memories of SG-1 and the Stargate program inspire him to create a television show about them.
200 - When his TV show gets the green light for a feature film, Martin visits Stargate Command to get notes on his script from the real SG-1.