New Athos

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Second homeworld of the Athosians, following their relatively brief stay living on the Lantean mainland after evacuation from Athos. After living for untold generations under the oppression of Wraith cullings, Teyla Emmagan's people left their home to seek shelter on a world they could be safe from the Wraith.

New Athos was found by a group of Lanteans upon their return to Atlantis]]. After the Ancestors' 10,000-year absence Commander Helia insisted that both the Atlantis expedition from Earth and the Athosians living on the mainland depart their world. They helped the Athosians to resettle on the planet – not the homecoming the people had hoped for, but at least their new planet gave them immediate access to a Stargate. Without the aid of the Atlantis expedition it would be vital for them to resume trading with other worlds.

By all appearances New Athos was an undeveloped world when the Athosians arrived. The Stargate sits amidst a great forest, and the Athosians built a simple tent settlement some distance from the gate. A native animal life form is a many-tentacled rodent that burrows under the ground, and is drawn to the heat of bodies on the surface. Athosians are known to consume the animals when necessary.

After they were kidnapped and held by the Wraith Michael, it is assumed that the surviving Athosians returned to New Athos to continue their way of life.


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The Return, Part 1 - Teyla informs Colonel Sheppard that the Ancestors have found a new world for her people to relocate off of the Lantean mainland.
Missing - Teyla goes to visit her people on New Athos, but finds they have all gone missing.