Orin's people

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An agrarian society in the Pegasus Galaxy which, like most others, have survived under the heel of the Wraith. The people have taken in refugees from other worlds, but refuse to settle on another planet because none are safe.

With three Wraith hive ships (and their support craft) en route to Atlantis Orin's planet was selected as the location for a feeding frenzy between hyperspace jumps. Teyla Emmagan and Major John Sheppard warned the people and gave them sufficient time, but it is not known if any evacuated.

Many countless dozens were culled by Wraith Darts, but Orin, his family and several others were spared when Sheppard's Puddle Jumper returned to retrieve them and take the nomadic remains of Orin's people back to Atlantis prior to resettlement.


HOMEWORLD - Orin's planet
FIRST APPEARED - Letters From Pegasus


Letters From Pegasus - Orin's people suffer a terrible upheaval at the hands of the Wraith that completely decimates their society, but several refugees are taken back to Atlantis.