Ortus Malum

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The original home of the Alterans, prior to their migration to the Milky Way Galaxy. Ortus Malum consisted of at least one village and underground caverns built into a large mountain, located near the edge of the Plains of Celestis on the planet Celestis.

The name "Ortus Malum" was given by the Ori to refer to their enemy's home. It means "birthplace of evil," and the Book of Origin contains warnings about it. When the Alterans left the planet on board an intergalactic ship, Ortus Malum was evacuated and left in ruins – destroyed by the activation of the engines of the great ship.

Though the area was left uninhabited for millions of years, both Ori Priors and the Alterans' descendants in the anti-Ori underground conducted searches of the area over the years.


Stargate: The Ark of Truth - Daniel and Teal'c lead a search of the Alteran's former home, discovering a piece of advanced technology left behind millions of years earlier: the Ark of Truth.