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Planet Anubis designated as a base of operations in engineering a human fetus with the Goa'uld genetic memory. He established an outpost of Ancient configuration, or located one, beneath the surface of the planet and very near the Stargate.

Attached to this planets dial-home device is a Stargate authorization device which forces the sender of the incoming wormhole to transmit a code to allow passage of organic matter. If the code is not received after several requests, the device "call-forwards" the matter stream to another planet.

Two years after his destruction over Earth, a black hole became a problem that could be detectable via gravity sensors on the surface of the planet. For now, the anomaly does not have an adverse effect on the planet.


HOME TO - Uninhabited


Prototype - SG-1 and SG-5 investigate P3X-584 and determine that the singularity is not another precursor to an Ori invasion, but a threat of a different sort sleeps beneath the surface of the planet.