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A lush, deciduous world that is believed to be the original world where Goa'uld symbiotes and Unas evolved. Goa'uld still exist in the primordial waters, from which they once leaped to take Unas as their first hosts. From there, they figured out how to operate the Stargate, and left the planet -- though Goa'uld and Unas still reside there, in a hostile tension.

The primitive Unas now living on the planet have developed a means to avoid implantation by larval Goa'uld, hungry to take possession of a host. The Unas on P3X-888 are cave-dwellers and have protected a thriving existence. Unfortunately, they are hunted by humans on another planet, who would use them as slave laborers.

Goa'uld symbiotes on P3X-888 do not have naquadah in their systems, confirming Daniel Jackson's theory that it entered their genetic make-up at a later point in their evolution.


HOME TO - Unas, Goa'uld


The First Ones - After Earth discovers the original Goa'uld homeworld, Daniel Jackson is taken captive by a primitive Unas on P3X-888.
Beast of Burden - Jackson, having planted cameras on and around the Stargate of P3X-888, discovers that his friend Chaka has been taken captive by early-industrial humans from another world.