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A desolate world, void of atmosphere, conforming to the Jaffa term "Tal'mak" (no longer able to sustain life). The surface of the planet is pockmarked with giant craters. One structure stands several clicks from the Stargate. SG-1 visited this facility in protective space suits and extracted an unassuming Orb. This Orb was placed aboard a M.A.L.P. for safekeeping back to Earth.

It was eventually realized that this Orb contained the remaining intelligence of a long-dead species which once thrived on the planet. At the Orb's request, Stargate Command sent the object through to P4G-881 where the intelligence would be able to consume the planet and thrive there indefinitely.


HOME TO - Uninhabitable
FIRST APPEARED - Message In a Bottle


Message In a Bottle - SG-1 returns from the desolate P5C-353 with a mysterious artifact that does not want to leave Earth.