Parchment of Virtues

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Ancient scroll purportedly left behind by Morgan Le Fay as a guide for knights of noble spirit. Within the scroll is the following warning: "Only those of virtue true may win the prize concealed beyond the reach of the flawed and tainted. The Sangraal shall instead belong to he who speaks the guardian's name."

The "guardian" is a dragon, and is only the final protector behind five other challenges: Prudence, Charity, Kindness, Wisdom and Faith. Says the scroll, "Let these be your guide on this perilous quest."

The Parchment of Virtues was supposedly incinerated when the Ori army arrived on Osric's planet and laid waste to the vast archives, making way for the Book of Origin.

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The Quest, Part 1 - Upon arrival at Osric's planet, SG-1 is instructed to seek the Parchment of Virtues, which will explain the perilous quest ahead of them.