People of 177

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A population of simple people living in the Pegasus Galaxy, on a planet partially designated "177" by the Atlantis expedition. The Genii likely frequent the planet, as its people were well aware that Genii spies are regularly in their midst. After establishing relations with the people Dr. Lindsay make weekly visits in order to educate the people on more effective agricultural and fishing methods.

177 was among the planets where the Genii circulated photographs of key members of the Atlantis expedition, known to have the ability to operate Ancient technology. With a bounty on their heads one of the people of 177, Dira, apparently participated in a plot to capture Major Lorne and his team, including Lindsay, and fake their deaths by burning down a building.

When Teyla and Ronon later inquired at a local bar they found the barkeep and serving girl less than forthcoming. But the woman later caught up to them when she could be more sure the spies were not watching, and revealed what she knew.




Coup D'etat - Sheppard and his team are shocked when they find what appear to be the remains of Lorne's team in a burned-out building on 177.