People of Serita

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A race of humans who lived on a planet in the Tollans' original home star system, who they first interacted with when the Seritans had reached a sufficient level of technological development (roughly equivalent to Earth at the end of the twentieth century) . Whether they were in need of a source of power, or their neighbors were eager to trade, the Tollans gave them a device to create unlimited energy. Instead, the people of Serita used it to manufacture war.

In only one revolution of planet Tollan, Serita and all her people were annihilated. The shockwave shifted the orbital track of Tollan, causing massive seismic disturbances. Eventually the Tollans had no choice but to flee in their ships.

This dark time for the Tollan taught them to be cautious of outsiders, and to refuse to share their technology no matter how benign a race's intentions may be.




Enigma - SG-1 rescues a group of Tollan from their dying world and eventually learn the reasons behind the advanced, tight-lipped people.