Prometheus (game)

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Multiplayer online computer game played by Eli Wallace and his friends. Embedded in the game was a rudimentary version of the Ancient language, which Eli decoded.

Wallace spent a month developing a formula which would crack the game's Dakara weapons puzzle. When he entered the information the game reset back to the beginning of the level. Believing he had been had, Wallace was surprised to find a representative to the United States Air Force on his front porch with a nondisclosure agreement the next day.

It was the idea of Chloe Armstrong, daughter of U.S. Senator Alan Armstrong to embed the yet-to-be-solved Icarus Project energy problem into the game, which would gave them access to brilliant young minds like Wallace.


Air, Part 1 - Eli Wallace is the first to solve a mysterious equation inside his online computer game, winning him a first class ticket aboard an interstellar space ship to an alien world.