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The remaining population of a race of technologically advanced humans on the planet designated P7J-989, who carelessly destroyed their world's environment and fled into the protection of virtual reality units beneath a bio-dome to sustain themselves while their world repaired itself. The Residents were governed by the programmer, a man calling himself The Keeper, who controlled what information the Residents were able to reach.

For many years the Keeper was out in the planets environment, now blooming and ideal, tending the massive gardens of beautiful vegetation that covered the surface. To prevent the Residents from seeing the deception, it is believed he would continually return to their environment, supposedly to give them status reports on the outside world and maintain their trust. The Residents believed the Keeper, who had protected them for so long, would never lie to them, and would tell them when the outside environment was suitable for re-colonization.

With the arrival of SG-1, the Keeper allowed the residents to treat the team members as new "software," whose experiences would provide them with years of new entertainment. SG-1, having seen the planet thriving, did their best to communicate the true conditions of the outside to the Residents, but was continually separated from them when a chance proved to do so. Eventually, SG-1 had enough of the Keeper's lies and chased him down into the outer environment via a program exit "portal." The Residents followed, and re-immersed themselves in the environment, picking the flowers and causing a general disturbance amid the gardens.

The Keeper believed his people were still too primitive to see the wrong of their previous ways, but with any luck, they might just prove him wrong.


FIRST APPEARED - The Gamekeeper


The Gamekeeper - SG-1 meets the Residents, inhabitants of an artificial intelligence realm, and assures them that their world is blooming.