Reya Varrick

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Galaran scientist, made leader of the Galaran memory project by the Galaran Emissary. Previously married to her co-worker Dr. Marell, the two had been separated for two years as their work took over their marriage. Enraged by seeing Reya and Cameron Mitchell together, Dr. Marell followed them back to her home. There, he incapacitated Mitchell and murdered Varrick with a small statue.

The Emissary was determined to prevent Reya's death from interfering with diplomatic relations with Earth. After Mitchell had been grafted the memory of murdering her by Marell, all the Colonel could do was to keep pursuing the truth. This eventually led to the discovery of Marell as the killer, but Reya was not avenged -- the memory project took priority as his memory was wiped clean and he was put back to work.

Varrick was fervently opposed to military control in the memory project, and was convinced that if the Galaran General Staff got control the technology would only be used to train troops to be more efficient soldiers.


PLAYED BY - Anna Galvin
FIRST APPEARED - Collateral Damage


Collateral Damage - Reya Varrick's murder does not stop the Galaran Emissary from pursuing diplomatic relations with planet Earth, despite Cameron Mitchell's insistence that the true murderer be uncovered.