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One of several S.G.C. units. Originally commanded by Major Charles Kawalsky, SG-2 was SG-1's backup unit on its very first mission to Chulak. Since that time, SG-2 has been under the command of several officers. The unit is based out of Cheyenne Mountain.

Members of SG-2 include (or have included):
Charles Kawalsky (Original Team Leader)
Louis Ferretti (Second Team Leader)
Coburn (Team Leader)


Children of the Gods - SG-2, under the command of Charles Kawalsky, provide backup to SG-1 during the first mission to Chulak.
Within the Serpent's Grasp - SG-2, under the command of Louis Ferretti, is ordered to go to Dr. Jackson's coordinates and extract SG-1 for court martial. They never leave Earth.
Maternal Instinct - SG-2 provides backup at the planet Kheb.
The First Ones - SG-2 joins SG-1 in search of the missing Daniel Jackson on P3X-888.
Beneath the Surface - SG-2 is sent in search of SG-1, who have been taken captive and forced to work themselves to death.
Prodigy - SG-2 is assigned to watch over a team of Stargate Command's scientists and are later replaced by O'Neill and Teal'c.
Menace - SG-2 is ordered to K'Tau in an attempt to contact the Asgard through their Hall of Wisdom, with no avail.
Allegiance - SG-2, while dialing Earth, forces a band of Tok'ra to divert to the Alpha Site.
Orpheus - SG-2 joins SG-1 on a mission to Erebus in the hopes of extracting Bra'tac and Ry'ac, finally laying down fire against Ba'al's Jaffa.
Enemy Mine - SG-2 travels to P3X-403 to provide backup to the units present there after Unas are detected on the planet.
Zero Hour - SG-2 has a scheduled mission to P8F-809.