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One of the many S.G.C. units deployed out of Cheyenne Mountain.

Members of SG-22 include (or have included):
Raimi (Team Leader)


Moebius, Part 1 - SG-22 reviews alien mineral samples with General O'Neill (who wishes he was elsewhere).
Babylon - SG-22 accompanies SG-1 to P9G-844 in search of the mythical Sodan and attempt to retrieve the fallen Colonel Mitchell when they encounter a group of the warriors.
The Fourth Horseman, Part 2 - SG-22 returns to the Sodan homeworld to provide backup to SG-1 when a Prior is expected.
Arthur's Mantle - SG-22 and SG-3 return to the Sodan homeworld, where Reynolds orders 22 to establish a defensive perimeter.