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Commanded by various officers, the SG-3 Marine unit often goes above and beyond the call of duty. The unit is one of many deployed out of Cheyenne Mountain, at Stargate Command.

Members of SG-3 include (or have included):
Makepeace (Team Leader)
Reynolds (Team Leader)
Wade (Team Leader)
Warren (Team Leader)
Lawrence (Team Leader)
Baker (III)
Johnson (I)
Peterson (I)


The Broca Divide - SG-3, under the command of Major Castleman, follows behind SG-1 to render aid against any unfriendlies on the dark side of the Land of Light.
Solitudes - SG-3 joins the rescue operation to journey to worlds within a certain area of space in the hopes of locating O'Neill and Carter.
Prisoners - SG-3 journeys to the Taldur to conduct negotiations in the hopes of retrieving SG-1. At first they are successful in opening negotiations, but later that door is closed.
The Tok'ra, Part 1 - SG-3, under the command of Colonel Makepeace, is ordered to journey to the Tok'ra home base to return Major Carter to Earth before the death of her father. Unfortunately, the Tok'ra are forced to take them into custody, as well.
Into the Fire - Gaining information from Tok'ra intelligence, Makepeace returns to the SGC with word of where SG-1 is being held hostage.
Chain Reaction - Teal'c is reassigned to assist SG-3.
Proving Ground - SG-3 falls siege to Goa'uld attack and is forced to return to Earth prematurely during a training exercise.
The Sentinel - SG-3 travels to Latona to combat Jaffa who have captured the population.
Meridian - SG-3 travels to a Goa'uld world with a heavily defended sarcophagus. General Hammond chooses not to retrieve it, even if it forces Daniel to lose his life.
Prophecy - SG-3 journeys to P4S-237 to help defend the locals against the remaining Jaffa of Lord Mot's regime.
Fallen - SG-3 accompanies SG-1 to Vis Uban, where Dr. Jackson is discovered.
Orpheus - SG-3 travels to Erebus and secures the Stargate while SG-1 and SG-2 proceed toward the camps.
Evolution, Part 1 - SG-3 aids other SG units in attempting to capture a Kull Warrior.
Death Knell - Following the destruction of the Alpha Site, SG-3 is dispatched to locate survivors.
Heroes, Part 1 - When a Goa'uld probe finds SG-13, SG-3 is ordered to provide backup to the unit on P3X-666.
Heroes, Part 2 - SG-3 fights alongside other SG units while attempting to pull SG-13 from P3X-666.
Lost City, Part 1 - SG-3 provides backup for SG-1 on P3X-439 while the flagship team attempts to retrieve a library of the Ancients.
Zero Hour - SG-3 provides backup to SG-1 on P2X-887, but end up losing the unit to Baal -- or so they think.
Icon - SG-3 travels to Tegalus to help pull Dr. Jackson from the planet, which is immersed in a civil war.
Prometheus Unbound - SG-3 boards the Prometheus for Atlantis, but the team is detoured when Vala Mal Doran hijacks it for her own schemes.
Beachhead - SG-3 meets the Goa'uld Nerus on a neutral planet to ensure he is clean before escorting him back to Earth.
Stronghold - Colonel Carter leads SG-3 to Chulak to follow leads into Teal'c's disappearance.