Salish Spirits

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Guardians of the Salish Indians who once fought the Goa'uld from their world, PXY-887. The aliens then chose to take on the form of the spirits of Salish culture, coexisting with them in harmony in order to maintain defense from outsiders such as the Goa'uld. Since the destruction of the parasites from their world, star travel has been of no use to them, yet for thousands of years the "circle of standing water," or Stargate, remained in place.

In a more natural form, the Spirits appear fairly humanoid with unusual foreheads and layers of "gills" on the front of their face. They can take many different forms, from mythical Salish animals to members of Stargate Command units. They are capable of putting their arms together and making adversaries disappear to a place of nothingness, able to be returned at will with no recollection of where they were.

After SG-1 showed the true face of their spirits to the Salish, the Spirits believed the S.G.C. needed to be destroyed, for they were unworthy of a continued existence. With the pleas of SG-1, they were convinced otherwise. Daniel Jackson himself opened the dialogue between the Salish and the true forms of the Spirits, who went back to their planet in peace, intent on burying the gate.

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Spirits - SG-1 encounters the Spirits in the form of a wolf and crow, later revealing themselves to be bipedal, humanoid aliens intent on destroying Earth for its people's ignorance.