Staff weapon

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A weapon of Goa'uld design. Several feet in length, its head divides into four parts when activated, releasing powerful bolts of plasma energy. The weapon is powered by a small, green container of liquid naquadah. It is generally considered to be a weapon of terror, since its ability to accurately target a moving object, let alone a motionless one, is less reliable than some human weapons that have pin-point accuracy.

The staff weapon is, before the zat'ni'katel, the weapon of choice for Jaffa, who train to be proficient with both aiming and firing the weapon, and with using it in hand-to-hand combat. Young warriors are taught personal combat techniques with a wooden training staff, shaped to resemble a staff weapon.


Children of the Gods - After Teal'c turns his staff weapon on his own Serpent Guards, Colonel O'Neill uses one of the weapons to blast a hole in the building's side and liberate Apophis's prisoners.
Bloodlines - On Chulak, Master Bra'tac demonstrates his prowess with the staff weapon, using it to disarm a squadron of Jaffa in hand-to-hand combat.
Cor-Ai - Hanno declares Teal'c will die by his own staff as penalty for murdering Hanno's father years before, under the command of Apophis.
The Fifth Race - O'Neill, under the persuasion of the Ancient's knowledge downloaded into his brain, uses the power cell of Teal'c staff weapon to power a piece of technology that boosts the range on the Stargate.
The Warrior - O'Neill and Carter demonstrate the differences between a staff weapon and a P-90, arguing that the former is designed to intimidate more than effectively kill.