Stuart Expedition

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A "cursed" expedition in 1931 where several Egyptian artifacts were removed from Egypt to be transported back to the United States via an ocean crossing. Several items were stowed in the crates, along with the Osiris jar and Isis jar. During the return voyage the ship sank and these valuables fell into the bottom of the ocean.

About seventy years later the wreckage was found and pillaged, completing the voyage and returning the items to Chicago in the lab of Dr. David Jordan. The Isis jar had become cracked, its seal broken, but the Osiris jar was still maintained. The Egyptian government ordered the items returned to their possession in the precise condition in which they were located, so little experimentation could be done other than visual analyses.

Both jars contained the forms of the respective Goa'uld deities. Osiris, still alive, took the body of research assistant Dr. Sarah Gardner, who (after being taken over by Osiris) murdered Jordan and several co-workers.


The Curse - Items from the failed Stuart Expedition are brought to Chicago for analysis.