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A previously Goa'uld-occupied civilization who have chosen to forget all but the industrial era (the last few hundred years) of their civilization to press forward into their new history a revived spirit. The Tagreans are typically a friendly people, but very cautious to outsiders, and are always on the lookout for anything that may resemble another invasion force.

The Tagreans are lead by Ashwan, a charismatic chairman who is more than open to relations with the Tau'ri. Unfortunately, not all of the people respond to him as much as they do to Kalfas, the minister of defense who commands a battalion of Tagrean gun boats and ground-to-air defense platform. Kalfas was disturbed with the detonation of the Tau'ri vessel's hyperdrive engine in the orbit of their planet, and believed it was a hostile act. Fortunately, Ashwan's opinions won over, and Prometheus was allowed to touch down to commence repairs.

Before all was said and done, an encounter with humans from Earth ended very nearly with hostility as several local Tagreans were aiding in the diggings in the Northern deserts to unearth the Stargate, which could potentially bring threats back to their planet. With the aid of Ashwan and his well-said words, the Tagreans sided with him and took Kalfas into custody, allowing the humans to return to Earth for supplies to fix their damaged starship.




Memento - Prometheus is forced to enter orbit of Tagrea where it ejects its damaged hyperdrive, sending many Tagreans into a frenzy of fear when the device explodes in their planet's orbit.