The Ascended Times

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An extrapolation of the knowledge of ascended beings into a readable manuscript that Daniel Jackson, not fully ascended, could interpret and comprehend. The slogan was "Tomorrow's news today."

The paper once used Daniel's unwillingness to die or fully ascend as a headline, but other topics of interest included Anubis's plans to conquer the Milky Way, as well as the Wraith's journey to Lantea in the Pegasus Galaxy.

Headlines in The Ascended Times included:

Jackson Still Undecided

Astral diner to be given infinite status

Yoga not the path to enlightenment

Edge of universe discovered

Ethereal Awareness Seminar to be held in Talnak Quadrant

Anubis plans to retake Dakara

Wraith on the way to Atlantis

Secret Plan Revealed: Anubis' dastardly plot to regain Ancient weapon of destruction

The last article included an exclusive interview with Anubis, detailing how he planned to kill each member of SG-1. But whether or not the interview was a reasonably accurate assessment of Anubis's opinions or a copy of a real interview, verbatim, is not known. Because the paper was a mere extrapolation for Daniel to interpret, the former is more likely.

A writer for the paper was Mero Gartin.

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Threads - Daniel reads several editions of The Ascended Times and watches the progression of Anubis's plot to finally take the Milky Way for himself.