Time dilation field

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One of any number of technologies capable of generating an energy barrier which disrupts time and space. Inside such a field time can move faster or slower, depending on the settings of the device which operates it. The Asgard created such a field to encase the Replicators, but their attempts to confine them went terribly wrong. Instead of slowing down time, the Replicators reconfigured the device to accelerate time within the field, consuming every piece of technology on the planet.

In the Pegasus Galaxy the Ancients created a time dilation field to protect themselves from the Wraith. Instead of fighting with their enemy, those who crossed the barrier to the inside were able to live out entire lifetimes, in a matter of days to the outside observer, and focus and meditate on Ascension.

The Replicators successfully slowed time in their bubble to ten to the fourth power. For the Ancients, they designed their field to be 250 seconds on the inside for every one second outside.


Unnatural Selection - SG-1 enters the Asgard time dilation field to correct the mistake of the Asgard in bottling the Replicators.
New Order, Part 1 - Fifth and his Replicator brethren break free of the Asgard time dilation trap.
Epiphany - Colonel Sheppard crosses into a time dilation field, unaware that every 250 seconds he lives is only one second on the outside.