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Powerful statuette from the planet Madrona, designed to maintain the weather conditions of that world. The upper portion of the device is a sphere surrounded by three rotating rings which modulate the output of the device.

Mishandling the Touchstone's rings can drastically affect the weather patterns of any given world it is on. The device is believed to be specifically tailored to Madrona, and therefore may not work on a planet such as Earth, causing mass tsunami and other meteorological fallout.

The Touchstone can be reset by aligning all three rings vertically on the device. Immediately Madrona's climate control can be restored to normal.

The Touchstone itself might be Ancient in design (built thousands of years ago), as the Madronans may not be the original architects of the technology. High Priest Roham was responsible for calibrating the technology.


Touchstone - A rogue N.I.D. group steals the Touchstone from Madrona and begins to experiment with it on Earth, causing terrible weather conditions in various parts of the world.