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Member of the Lucian Alliance, a criminal organization based in the Milky Way Galaxy. Varro was on the team that infiltrated the Ancient ship Destiny under the command of Kiva.

Varro was injured during the incursion into the ship, and patched up by Lt. Tamara Johansen. Though he appears loyal to the Alliance and its agenda, he is less hostile toward T.J. and the crew than other Lucian soldiers. He was instrumental in saving the crew's life after Kiva was killed, and was even briefly banished to a barren world when Dannic took charge.

Along with a handful of Alliance survivors, Varro is now living on board the Destiny and is functioning as the Alliance's de facto leader there. He and most of his people are cooperating with Colonel Young and Earth, doing their best to fit in with the crew.


PLAYED BY: Mike Dopud


Subversion - Varro visits Earth with Kiva and the Alliance using a cloaked cargo ship, taking Dr. Rush (in Colonel Telford's body) captive.
Incursion, Part 1 - With help from Rush the Alliance gates to Destiny, with Varro among the soldiers who try to take control of the ship.
Incursion, Part 2 - Wounded and tended to by T.J., Varro expresses to her his desire that their two groups learn to live together.
Intervention - Varro intervenes when Dannic moves to execute the ship's military personnel, and is himself exiled -- only to return after Dannic is killed and Rush takes the ship back.
Aftermath - Varro is one of a handful of Alliance survivors allowed to remain on Destiny, the rest of them left behind to fend for themselves on an uninhabited planet.
Awakening - Still incarcerated on Destiny, Varro pleads with Colonel Young to let the Alliance prove that they can be trusted.
Pathogen - Now free from confinement, Varro tells Simeon that he and the others are being truthful with Earth and trying to fit in, and orders him to shape up and do the same.
Malice - After Simeon kills two people and takes another hostage, Varro warns Colonel Young about the risks of going after him.
Resurgence - Now in confinement after the Simeon incident, Varro is visited by T.J. When the ship is attacked, he is called upon to help her in the infirmary.
The Hunt - When T.J. is captured by an alien creature Varro joins the search-and-rescue operation.