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A civilization of humans who suffered a horrifying cataclysm they would later come to know as the Vorlix. The Destroyer of Worlds, Linea, arrived to Vyus via the Stargate and began studying ways to reduce, or reverse, her own aging process.

Using two test subjects, she released the substance dargol into their bodies. Unfortunately, the dargol spread into the entire population (including Linea), making the elderly revert to their twenties and thirties, and anyone previously younger to disappear entirely.

Eventually SG-1 arrived on the scene to discover the situation, and discovered the local, Ke'ra, to have previously been the dreaded Linea. With her aid in genetics and a forgotton understanding of the substance, the Vyan people were able to return their original memories, mourning their reverted dead, but able to live out their lives once more. Ke'ra (Linea) chose to succumb to the original organism which allowed her to forget once more and leave the madwoman Linea behind forever.


FIRST APPEARED - Past and Present


Past and Present - The people of Vyus are welcoming to the travelers through the Stargate, but suffer from an inexplicable memory-lapsing illness they have named the Vorlix.