White Rock Research Station

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A U.S. scientific research outpost built in the wilderness of Antarctica, in close proximity to the location where Earth's second Stargate was discovered. The facility was built after the gate, dial-home device, and the frozen remains of two Jaffa were covered from the site.

Three scientists worked at the base to continue excavating and studying the surrounding area, searching for additional signs of past life or technology. During its first four years of operation that team included Dr. Francine Michaels, and Drs. Osbourne and Woods.

After four years of research the group made an astonishing discovery: a woman, millions of years old but perfectly preserved, buried in the ice. They retrieved the body for closer study, naming her "Ayiana". But shortly after SG-1's arrival to witness the discovery Ayiana was found to still be alive – a living, breathing Ancient, whose natural healing abilities continued to regenerate her cells while she slept in the ice for eons. But Ayiana also carried a deadly plague, and only by sacrificing herself was she able to heal the research team after they fell ill.

White Rock was probably located not far from the Atlantus outpost, found buried deep beneath the ice. The outpost had been left behind millions of years ago when the Ancients departed the planet in the city-ship Atlantis. After the modern rediscovery of the outpost it became a hub of scientific activity by an international coalition, at which point White Rock may have been closed.


Frozen - SG-1 is called back to Antarctica when a frozen human is discovered in the ice.