Amanda Perry

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Hyperdrive expert working with Homeworld Command. Dr. Perry is an old friend of Nicholas Rush, and one of Earth's best minds when it comes to advanced and alien propulsion technology. Dr. Perry visited Destiny twice using the Ancient communication stones, the first time to repair the ship's damaged F.T.L. engines and the second time to steer the ship to rescue Rush and Colonel Young from a derelict Ursini vessel. She found the experiences to be liberating -- as back home on Earth she is a quadriplegic, following an accident many years ago.

Amanda's relationship with Nicholas is complicated. She developed romantic feelings for him while he was married, and as he struggled with losing his wife to cancer. When they were reunited on Destiny she made her feelings clear, and while he is also fond of her he was not able to fully reciprocate. Later, upon her return, he had more fully dealt with his wife's death and was able to embrace her affections.

Perry was the unfortunate victim of murder when Simeon, a member of the Lucian Alliance living on board Destiny, targeted the woman whose body she was temporarily occupying. Both Ginn and Amanda were believed to be dead for many weeks -- only to have her consciousness turn up in Chloe's body after she used the stones. Eli and Rush managed to download her and Ginn's consciousnesses into the ship's computer, where they now exists as programs capable of manifesting themselves to people on the ship -- but not able to touch them. Amanda lives in hope of one day being put into a body of flesh and blood once again -- though after causing problems for Nicholas and the rest of the ship (and blaming Ginn) her program has now been isolated from the rest of Destiny.

Perry initially found the experience of being inside the ship's systems, able to appear anywhere on the ship and to access the computer memory and ship's sensors, to be profoundly liberating. But her relationship with Nick has also been complicated, as she now has reason to believe -- despite his protests -- that he does not truly love her.


PLAYED BY: Kathleen Munroe


Sabotage - When Destiny needs serious engine repairs, they bring an expert on board to make repairs: Dr. Amanda Perry.
The Greater Good - Rush asks for Dr. Perry to be brought to Destiny to help rescue him and Young from a derelict ship, and directs her to Destiny's secret bridge.
Malice - After Simeon kills Ginn while Perry is in her body, both women are reported dead.
Hope - Perry's consciousness turns up in Chloe's body thanks to the communication stones, and is downloaded into Destiny's computer.
Seizure - Amanda creates a virtual world for her and Nick to meet by temporarily digitizing his mind, and keeps him there when something goes wrong. To save Rush, Eli must isolate Perry and Ginn from the rest of the ship.