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Officer of high leadership within the Lucian Alliance, a lieutenant of their leader Netan. Anateo held the rank of "First." But to the men he trusted the misogynistic Anateo outwardly claimed the Alliance was flimsy under Netan's leadership. He believed Netan was cowardly, choosing to run and hide rather than face his enemies head-on in battle. Anateo had approached Netan with the hopes of being presented more territory, as many of his planets had fallen to the Ori. He hoped Netan would allow him to kill Karug and claim his planets.

Under the instruction of Netan, Anateo used Tobin mines to capture the Earth vessel Odyssey. But instead of claiming it for the Alliance, he kept it for himself. Shortly afterward he shot and killed the ship's commander, Colonel Paul Emerson, in a show of strength to a defiant Colonel Samantha Carter

Anateo's plan was to present the Odyssey, and SG-1, to the other Firsts. Afterward, Netan's stuffed corpse would be a trophy on his wall, and control of the Lucian Alliance would fall into his hands.

Threatening to kill Colonel Carter when Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran commandeered the Odyssey bridge, Vala used the ship's unstable Asgard transporter to select the only life form she could be certain was not Carter, and beamed Anateo into space.


PLAYED BY - Rudolf Martin
FIRST APPEARED - Company of Thieves


Company of Thieves - Anateo takes his power as First to the extreme, capturing the Earth vessel Odyssey in the first phase of an attempt to overthrow Netan's leadership.