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Earth deep space carrier, registry "PB3865." The ship's first commander was Colonel Paul Emerson. Odyssey is the second BC-304-class Deep Space Carrier to enter service, only months behind the Daedalus.

With only 90 percent of her systems operating, the Odyssey was rushed into duty to rescue SG-1 from Worrel's control on the planet designated P6G-452. Her shields were then tested in a brief conflict with the Lucian Alliance as Emerson stalled for time to allow SG-1 to complete their mission aboard Baal's mothership.

The U.S.S. Odyssey likely assumed the duties of the Prometheus, as that cruiser had recently been destroyed by an Ori satellite weapon. Several of that ship's crew, including Major Marks, transferred to the Odyssey.

The Odyssey was eventually followed by the Russian-manned Korolev. Both vessels fought side-by-side during the Ori fleet's first successful attempt to enter the Milky Way Galaxy. The Odyssey would later play a pivotal role in ending the war with the Ori when SG-1 took the ship into the enemy's home galaxy.


USED BY: Humans


Off the Grid - The Odyssey is rushed into service to rescue SG-1 from P6G-452.
The Scourge - The Odyssey rescues the survivors of Gamma Site just prior to releasing a neurotoxin to wipe out R75.
Camelot - The Odyssey fights a no-win battle at the mouth of an established Ori Supergate alongside other Milky Way Galaxy allies.
The Pegasus Project - The Odyssey ferries SG-1 to Atlantis, and is used on a mission to help block the Ori from using the Supergate.
Company of Thieves - A Lucian Alliance strike force hijacks the Odyssey, murdering Colonel Emerson.
Dominion - SG-1 and ship commander Davidson welcome the Tok'ra on board the Odyssey in an attempt to extract a Goa'uld symbiote from Adria, leader of the Ori invasion fleet.
Unending - SG-1 and the Odyssey are called to the Asgard homeworld where the Odyssey gets major upgrades, including Asgard beam weapons and an Asgard computer core.
Stargate: The Ark of Truth - SG-1 takes the Odyssey through the Supergate to the Ori home galaxy, locating a piece of long-forgotten technology that can end the conflict.