Ancient game console

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A computer interface console discovered in Atlantis by John Sheppard and Rodney McKay on Atlantis. A vertical screen displayed a map of an area of land, bisected by a river and on each half of the map was a village. Below the screen a large keypad allowed the user or users to send instructions to the villagers.

Believing the machine to be an educational or instructional device, Sheppard and McKay each chose a village and began sending orders and advice to their respective leaders. McKay called his area Geldar, who's leader was a woman called Nola, whereas Sheppard kept the original name Hallona, and its leader was a man called Baden.

It was only when Major Lorne discovered a series of Ancient geo-synchronous satellites around planet M4D-058, and found McKay's face on a flag, that it was discovered that the "game" was actually controlling the lives of real people and that, because of the competitive natures of the two "players", the two peoples were on the brink of war.

It was later discovered that the console had been used to control populations on a number of worlds by other members of the Atlantis expedition and Elizabeth Weir eventually had to ban its operation.


The Game - McKay and Sheppard play a game on Ancient technology, not realizing the harm they are causing.