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Leader of the Hallonans on planet M4D-058, a people whose lives were, in the past, run by the Ancients by means of a console on Atlantis. When the Ancients left the Pegasus Galaxy, however, the instructions stopped, stalling their civilisation's progress. For thousands of years the Hallonans had waited for more instructions from The Oracle to appear on a device they called The Portal, rebuilding their civilization after each occasional Wraith Culling, but only to the level of advancement the last instructions had led them to.

Then, one day, The Oracle began issuing instructions through The Portal again. He instructed the Hallonans to advance militarily, doubling the size of their army. He taught them to be wary of their neighbors the Geldarans and warned them they were not to be trusted. The Oracle was, in fact John Sheppard, who thought he was playing a game against Rodney McKay -- unaware of the technology's real-world consequences.

Baden was an aggressive and proud man who, when he discovered that the Oracle was not a god but a man, decided to ignore the requests from John Sheppard and Elizabeth Weir to calm things down, and used the console while he was in Atlantis initiate an attack on a coal mine the leader of the Geldarans, Nola, ordered to be dug under the border between their two lands on the advice of her own Oracle, Rodney McKay.


PLAYED BY - David Dayan Fischer


The Game - Baden decides that might is right and sends in the troops.