Ancient satellite

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Powerful weapons platform protecting the Lantean System from Wraith intruders. It is believed they were once numerous and a powerful defense force in the Ancient armadas. One satellite, disabled, survived the ten thousand-year gap between civilizations which occupied the great city of Atlantis.

The satellite is not powered by a Zero Point Module, nor does the technology appear to be armed with Ancient drones. Instead it uses a powerful laser to slice through enemy vessels, hundreds of kilometers away. The power source can be customized and augmented by a naquadah reactor.

A charge is reached by a power build-up inside a capacitor (likely a buffer to prevent overload) which discharges the energy to the firing mechanism in increments. A few moments are required to recharge and fire again. Firing modes can switch from a manual operator (located inside the platform) to an automatic setting.

Primary systems are responsible for the weapon itself. Secondary systems control power to access hatches and the locking mechanisms for such outlets. If damaged, primary systems can be bypassed so that secondary systems are responsible for the weapon, but when this is done hatch and lock mechanisms no longer work.

Though the only satellite found in the Lantean System was destroyed by the Wraith prior to the Second Siege of Atlantis, it is not impossible that similar satellites exist elsewhere in the Pegasus Galaxy, and can be moved into a defensive position in the Lantean System.


The Defiant One - An ancient satellite is discovered on the other side of the Lantean System.
The Siege, Part 1 - The Ancient satellite is used to destroy a Wraith hive ship, but the secondary systems burn out before the weapon can fire again, and the satellite is destroyed -- with Peter Grodin aboard.