Naquadah reactor

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An advanced reactor unit which produces tremendous amounts of clean energy from small amounts of naquadah – a rare mineral not found in our own solar system. Earth was given naquadah reactor technology by the Orbanians, and a workable prototype was developed at the S.G.C. by Samantha Carter.

The reactor served as a first step in the development of astable naquadah generator technology, which has become a staple for power generation by Stargate Command and the Atlantis expedition.


Learning Curve - Merrin, a young Orbanian girl, helps Carter to develop a naquadah reactor prototype.
New Ground - With no D.H.D. to be found on an alien world, SG-1 takes along a naquadah reactor, in order to power the gate and dial home manually.
Scorched Earth - O'Neill orders Carter to rig a naquadah reactor to serve as a huge bomb, in an attempt to stop a terraforming ship that is about to wipe out a colony.
48 Hours - With heavy influence by Daniel Jackson, the U.S. government agrees to share naquadah reactor technology with Russia, as a source of clean energy.