Andari Federation

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Neighboring country to Kelowna and Terrania on the planet Langara, the Andari Federation formed an alliance with Terrania after generations of warfare. Kelowna believed it was a prelude to a joint attack on their own nation, and used a Naquadria bomb against them. The three nations met together for peace talks, and after the threat of invasion and occupation by the Goa'uld Anubis, formed a tenuous peace administered by the Joint Ruling Council.

The Andari's representative to Kelowna is Ambassador Noor. Its representative on the council is Lucia Tarthus.


Meridian - SG-1 visits Kelowna, and learns that they are developing a naquadria bomb to potentially use against Terrania and the Andari.
Shadow Play - Its weapon completed, Kelowna threatens to use it against Terrania and the Andari, who have united against them.
Homecoming - Andari joins the negotiating table for peace talks, but Anubis soon occupies their world. The Terranians steal naquadria from them, in the hopes of appeasing the Goa'uld.
Fallout - Terrania sends Vin Eremal, its representative on the Joint Ruling Council, to Earth to negotiate the relocation of their people -- but learn that a team led by Jonas Quinn has averted the planet's doom.