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One of three major nation-states on the planet Langara. Kelowna is the home of Jonas Quinn, and maintains tenuous relations with its neighbors, Terrania and the Andari Federation, with whom they have formed a Joint Ruling Council. The planet's Stargate is located on Kelowna, whose leaders only recently disclosed its existence to its neighbors.

Kelowna has a deep vein of naquadria beneath its surface, making the planet a prize to the Goa'uld. Some 3,000 years ago, it was home to the Thanos, a Goa'uld who is believed to have artificially created naquadria.

The nation's technological advancement is equivalent to that of the United States in the mid-twentieth century. The head of the government is the First Minister, equivalent to a U.S. president. Velis was First Minister when SG-1 first visited the planet; he was succeeded by Dreylock after being executed by the Goa'uld Anubis.


Meridian - SG-1 journeys to Kelowna, where they discover the powerful mineral naquadria in the hands of the primitive, and all-too-eager, Kelownan people.
Shadow Play - Kelownan representatives arrive at the S.G.C. to request military aid against their rival nations, who are eager to wipe Kelowna from the planet.
Homecoming - Kelowna is invaded by Anubis's forces, eager to harvest all naquadria in their possession. When SG-1 and the System Lords help ward off the attack, the three rival nations finally begin to work together, and Jonas Quinn returns home.
Fallout - The S.G.C. learns that Kelowna has been renamed Langara, and help Jonas prevent the destruction of the planet due to a volatile underground vein of naquadria.