Andy Spencer

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Son of Joe and Charlene Spencer. While he was growing up Andy was told stories about an elite United States Air Force team called SG-1. For years he believed his father was making the stories up, and he was so entranced by them that he was regularly convinced to complete chores in order to hear more.

As he grew, and Joe began to write the stories on paper, their relationship became strained. Rather than spending time with his son Joe spent most of his hours, including hours when he was supposed to be at work, hammering SG-1's adventures into his laptop.

After almost five years of stories Charlene had enough, and drove herself and Andy to her mother's. Several years later Andy likely learned the truth after his Mother did -- that SG-1 was indeed real and all that Joe talked about over the years had actually occurred.


PLAYED BY - Alex Ferris, Mark Hansen


Citizen Joe - For years Andy embraces his father's stories about SG-1 and their adventures to other planets, and watches his father descend into a psychotic frame of mind as the team soon becomes all he focuses on.