Charlene Spencer

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Wife of Joe Spencer and mother of Andy. Charlene supported Joe's imaginative stories about an intergalactic band of explorers called SG-1 who defended the Earth from a tyrannical nemesis. At first she was convinced that it was Joe's creative instincts forcing her husband to become a successful storyteller. But as she watched Joe allow SG-1 to become more important than his job, and even his family, she began to suspect that something might be terribly wrong.

While traveling through town Charlene soon heard complaints from her fellow townspeople that Joe's stories were detracting from their experience at Stylin' Joe to the point where a few, and soon many, stopped doing business with him altogether. Joe failed to see the connection. Charlene eventually discovered the stone that Joe used to channel his thoughts, and at one point tried to sever his focus on the stories by disposing it. But he found it buried in the garbage.

Charlene eventually moved both herself and Andy to her mother's, warning that if Joe wished to salvage their marriage he would seek professional help. She did some of her own checking with doctors who believed Joe was suffering from manic psychosis combined with grandiose delusions, but even as she reported this to her husband he was intent on proving the existence of Jack O'Neill and the stories as they coincided with actual events.

Half a year later Charlene again met with Joe, telling him that she wanted a divorce. But to her astonishment Joe introduced her to General Jack O'Neill of the United States Air Force, who assured her that everything her husband had told her -- the interstellar battles and missions to other planets -- was real.


PLAYED BY - Deborah Theaker


Citizen Joe - At first encouraging her husband to explore his creative recesses, Charlene becomes gravely concerned when Joe begins to focus only on SG-1 while neglecting his business and family.