Anti-Replicator gun

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Energy weapon designed by Earth scientists specifically to combat human-form Replicators. The A.R.G. emits a directional energy beam designed to disrupt the kiron pathway connections between nanites that make up a Replicator. A single shot will eliminate a Replicator, causing the enemy target to break down into its composite parts.

The handheld device, also known as an "A.R.W." (anti-Replicator weapon), is a more portable cousin of the Replicator disruptor, affecting the molecular bonds of blocks in the same way. It is based on Ancient knowledge acquired in the Milky Way Galaxy. Power is regulated by a control crystal inside the weapon.

With sufficient exposure to the energy that the output by an A.R.G. Replicators are able to reconfigure their nanite bonds to be resistant, rendering the weapon ineffective. This information can then be rapidly disseminated to other Replicators. This resistance can also be achieved by means of special programming prior to their encounter with an A.R.G., given a programmer with sufficient knowledge of the technology.


The Return, Part 1 - Colonel Carter issues the first series of anti-Replicator weapons to fight the Asurans. The devices are fast tracked into service when Colonel Sheppard leads an impromptu commando team back into the Pegasus Galaxy.
The Return, Part 2 - Sheppard's team uses A.R.G.s to retake Atlantis for the Replicators.
Lifeline - Dr. McKay interfaces an A.R.G. control crystal with a Puddle Jumper's cloaking generator to create a much larger anti-Replicator field.
Outcast - Richard Poole warns Sheppard and his men that their A.R.G.s will not be effective against his Earth-made Replicator, thanks to his advanced programming.