Arkhan's people

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A primitive people who welcomed Harry Maybourne into their company following his incident with Colonel Jack O'Neill on the Utopian moon. Maybourne, who enjoyed long walks, strolled several miles outside of the village and came upon an Ancient pedestal. He used what knowledge of the Ancient language he knew to decipher the inscriptions and soon discovered that he had found a history book -- some of it which had not happened yet.

As a result of his translations, Maybourne predicted a major flood would destroy the village. So he instructed the elders to move to higher ground. When it turned out that he was right, the elders made him their king, Arkhan the First. Though Maybourne never told them that he was adept at translating the Ancient language (and not a prophet after all) he did make several great contributions to their society, including (but not limited to) a complete legal code, the design for a water mill, a variety of medicines, and an irrigation system. After the arrival of SG-1 Maybourne eventually revealed the truth to his people, but these other successes brought him nothing but acceptance by his people.

The village was soon forced to confront an army of Jaffa forces heralding the arrival of their god, the Goa'uld System Lord Ares. But several people aided in SG-1's fight to keep the forces away, and while the battle on the planet was a success, Ares's orbiting Ha'tak was obliterated.

Maybourne has taught the culture several nuances about Earth society, as subtle as the expression "Take five!" He is permitted to change the names of common items such as fruit, and openly practice polygamy.


HOMEWORLD - Arkhan's planet
FIRST APPEARED - It's Good To Be King


It's Good To Be King - SG-1 travels to the world Maybourne was left to retrieve him before the Goa'uld invade, but find he has been fully integrated into their society -- as their king.