Asgard computer core

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System that contains the whole of all Asgard technology. The device was developed by Thor over almost a year. The Asgard, who had reached an impasse in their genetic engineering, decided it was time to entrust their entire legacy with the fifth race of the great alliance -- mankind.

The computer core includes a knowledge base of the entire Asgard history, interactive holograms of every Asgard, time-dilation technology, and an independent power source. These features likely only scratch the surface of the device's full capability. It has been fully integrated into the Earth battle cruiser Odyssey.


Unending - The Asgard entrust their entire legacy to the humans of Earth in the form of a single computer core installed on the Odyssey. SG-1 must use it to hide themselves from an Ori energy beam for more than 50 years until a way can be devised to reverse time within the field.
The Ark of Truth - Under orders from the I.O.A., James Marrick uses the Asgard computer core to create a Replicator from its memory banks.