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Inhabitant of the planet of the Cloister, brother to Teer, member of the Cloister. Avrid spent his entire existence within the boundaries of the Cloister's time dilation field. Long before his time his ancestors, who revered the Ancients, found the world and realized it was a refuge from the Wraith. Here, those within could meditate upon ascension in peace.

When John Sheppard stepped through the event horizon of the field Teer, who was immediately aware of his presence, dispatched Avrid to Sheppard's location, where the colonel protected him from the sanctuary beast.

Sheppard spent approximately six months with Avrid and the others. When the beast entered the confines of the Cloister Avrid and the other villagers, save for Teer, hid away in their houses. It wasn't until Sheppard forced Avrid to stand up to the creature that they realized what had been holding them back from ascending -- their own fear. Only after they had defeated the beast themselves did Avrid, Teer and the remainder of the villagers ascend.


PLAYED BY - David McNally


Epiphany - Avrid brings Colonel Sheppard back to the Cloister, and is surprised to discover that he did not come willingly.