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Inhabitant of P8X-412 and once one of Qetesh's most beloved servants. Azdak was sometimes charged with rubbing her feet. Even after her departure he continued to bring items of sacrifice into her temple. Azdak was not swayed by the arrival of an Ori Prior. Even after the Prior made Vachna able to walk again he assured the man that Qetesh would return and slay the false prophet.

Azdak was the most angered when Vala Mal Doran revealed the truth, that for the past four years she had been posing as Qetesh, and that Qetesh herself was a false god. It was then that he realized he had placed a lifetime of commitment toward a being that did not deserve his devotion. He led the charge to put Vala on trial, where he spoke of how Vala was still responsible for a planet-wide mass labor of naquadah.

After the Prior's second visit Azdak fell ill, and all of Vala's efforts in using a Goa'uld healing device eventually failed to yield results. Azdak was the first to die. When the Prior eventually returned the entire village bowed to the authority of the Ori. He used his staff to eliminate the virus from the planet, and even raise Azdak from the grave in the same stroke.


PLAYED BY - Cam Chai
FIRST APPEARED - The Powers That Be


The Powers That Be - Azdak is outraged when he learns that his lifetime of love and devotion has been to a false god, and demands the execution of Vala Mal Doran.