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A small mining outpost out of the main stream of chatter and information-sharing on former Goa'uld-occupied worlds. The planet was once threatened by the domination of the System Lord Baal, but the Goa'uld Qetesh, possessing the body of Vala Mal Doran, arrived and rid the world of him.

For some time she ruled there, instigating mass executions and tortures over the population if they did not meet her quota for extracting naquadah from the mines. Eventually she left and was extracted from Vala's body by the Tok'ra.

Eventually Vala returned and used the world as a hiding place to get back on her feet, utilizing a voice modulator to continue to pose as Qetesh. She eventually left again, and after the threat of Priors and the Ori had been reported on this planet, she and SG-1 returned to explain the truth in the hopes of ridding the world of the latest conqueror.


HOME TO - People of P8X-412
FIRST APPEARED - The Powers That Be


The Powers That Be - Vala takes SG-1 back to P8X-412 to head off the crusade of the Ori from gaining another foothold.