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Known in Norse mythology as "Thor's Chariot," the Beliskner was a legendary Asgard mothership capable of instilling fear into Goa'uld across the galaxy. Stories in Earth mythology describes Thor's Chariot as the vessel that carried him into battle while he wielded his hammer.

Configured in the original, older design of Asgard vessels, the Beliskner was capable in battle, able to remove several Goa'uld Ha'taks and several squadrons of Jaffa in mere moments, apparently transporting them to places unknown. It was by this method that the Beliskner quickly removed Heru'ur's ground forces from the planet Cimmeria.

Under the command of fleet Supreme Commander Thor, the Beliskner was used heavily in the Asgard war with the Replicators. The creatures successfully infiltrated the ship and began digesting its alloys. Accessing the database, the Replicators learned about Earth and plotted a course, planning to infest the world once their numbers had reached critical mass. The crew abandoned the ship, but Thor remained aboard to try and stop it from reaching Earth.

The Replicators' plans were thwarted by SG-1 who, with the aid of a bed-ridden Thor, destroyed the Beliskner's deceleration drive upon atmospheric entry toward Earth. The intense heat of an uncontrolled entry tore the ship apart. The fireball that was once the legendary vessel crashed into the Pacific Ocean.

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USED BY - Asgard
FIRST APPEARED - Thor's Chariot


Thor's Chariot - Summoned by Samantha Carter and Daniel Jackson, the Beliskner crosses into our galaxy in a matter of moments to wipe away a Goa'uld threat that has occupied Cimmeria, a protected planet.
Fair Game - Thor takes the Beliskner to Earth to conduct negotiations in hopes of making Earth a part of the Asgard-Goa'uld Protected Planets Treaty.
Nemesis - The Beliskner is destroyed in the atmosphere of Earth when its deceleration drive is destroyed, in the hopes of preventing any Replicators from infesting the planet.